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Contemporain art
For your Home !

Contemporain art
For your Home !

My paintings are a feeling, a positive energy, an emotion where the balance of the light and the brightness of the color must be in harmony through a fluid and minimalist movement.

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Where to see my paintings

If you wish to come and see my paintings, I can receive you with  pleasure  

Do not hesitate to contact me.

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A bit of me...

Always a delicate exercise .... 


I was born in the Paris suburbs in 1965. Businessman for more than 30 years, mainly in corporate communication, I have now decided to return to the source of my first love .... 


A need for purer expression! more originel where the raw feelings are the only ones solicited. 

In my life, the balance of the elements that surround me are of great importance, the energy they emit influences my well-being and my feelings. 

Like an orchestra conductor leading a multitude of musicians during a symphony that takes you on an inner journey. Time is suspended, where emotions flow through you in a feeling of infinite well-being. 


In our daily life, it's the same, You have to harmonize these objects. They have to play in perfect harmony to bring you positive energy and well-being.


It's up to you to play your emotional symphony !


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