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My Workshop

If you wish to come and see my paintings, I can receive you with  pleasure  

Do not hesitate to contact me.

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My approach

Above all, I seek to render an emotion.


Like the Impressionists who celebrated modernity in 1874, by painting exteriors, nature, bright colors…… Their paintings were mainly commissions intended for the interior decoration of rich apartments and private mansions. The work of the Impressionists has long been considered a Minor Art, and finally recognized at the beginning of the 20th Century.


In spirit, my approach is similar.

The Impressionists expressed themselves by revealing nature through an explosion of colors.

When I paint, I look for an emotion and I express it with a line of color where the play of matter and light must be integrated into a larger whole.

“We are all made up of a multitude of particles down to the infinitely small.
They are part of a large group...
This great whole is our universe
where each of us is connected…. Is connected ! "

Mitsuyo Kawai

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You can come to me  to meet 

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